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A private 15 home retirement community located in a quaint town just outside of Sukhothai. Private community swimming pool, daily cleaning service, all meals included (International menu), and twice monthly Thai massage among the amenities provided.   

Cooking Class

Enjoy cooking Thai Food with Ta!

Organic Garden

Fresh Organic Vegetable Growing 

Sukhothai Historical Park

Known as the first capital of Thailand, a visit to Sukhothai Historical Park is an excellent destination for history and culture fans.

Sukhothai Airport Zoo

Let's go watch the wild animals in Sukhothai Airport Zoo. This zoo is just beside the airport in Sukhothaii

Sukhothai Airport

Sukhothai Airport is a regional domestic airport located in Sawankhalok which is only 15 minutes away from our place.

Contact Me

76/2 M.5 T.Watkoa
Srisamrong Sukhothai
THAILAND | Tel: +66 89-859-2741

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